Responding to Hate
With Love and Kindness

Kutztown University is frequented by uninvited visitors that use our grounds to expel hateful rhetoric, often shouting at unsuspecting students. These calculated invasions create physical, emotional and psychological disruptions on our campus. Please join us in responding with love and kindness, and support for the groups targeted by these uninvited visitors.

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Campus Support

For several years, uninvited visitors have invaded the Kutztown University campus community, often spouting hateful rhetoric and trying to incite violent responses which they film and use to rev up their base and raise money for their hateful causes. Because we and Kutztown University support freedom of speech, we cannot throw them off campus or hide them from view. But that doesn't mean we can't come together and strongly support the people the uninvited visitors are attacking.

What Is A Pledge to stop hate?

For every hour that unwanted visitors are on campus, those who have pledged to stop the hate will match those hours with acts of kindness, community service, and donations.

Acts Of Kindness

Match the hateful hours with random acts of kindness

Umbrella USHERS

Usher those targeted by hateful rhetoric using umbrellas

Community Service

Match the hateful hours by doing community service


Match the hateful hours with a monetary amount of our choice


Our Solution: Kindness Tables

A fair distance away from where the uninvited visitors choose to stand, we will set up a PLEDGE TO STOP HATE table. The table will contain the following items:

  • A poster indicating how many people have pledged Acts of Kindness, Community Service Hours, and Monetary Donations
  • New pledge cards
  • A fact sheet explaining the uninvited visitor's tactics and how they benefit from student engagement
  • Student signs with inclusive, community messages
  • Umbrellas with loving messages to shield students and faculty targeted by the unwanted visitors
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