1. Ignore Hate

By educating students and faculty on campus about the way these uninvited visitors work, we can combat these visitors and replace their harmful acts with acts of love.

Their whole goal is to get a negative reaction from community members. When students react in a negative way, we are playing into what they want. While it is difficult to ignore people who are spouting insults and hateful messages, ignoring them decreases the chances that they will return.

A bunch of uninvited visitors shouting to nobody isn't newsworthy.

2. Take the Pledge

What the unwanted visitors don't know is that those who have pledged to stop the hate will match every hour the unwanted visitors are on campus (hateful hours) with acts of kindness, community service, and donations.

After the uninvited visitors leave, each pledgers will receive an email that identifying how many hours the uninvited visitors were on campus.

Random Acts Of Kindness

When you pledge Random Acts of Kindess, you will recieve an email indicating how many acts of kindness you can do to match the amount of hateful hours unwanted visitors are on campus.

Umbrella USHERS

Volunteer to be an usher and use umbrellas with loving, inclusive-community messages to shield students and faculty who might be potential targets of hateful messages.

Community Service

If the pledge was a pledge to serve community service for each hour for each unwanted visitor, the pledger can log onto Give Pulse. On this website pledgers can both find opportunities to provide community service in the area, they can also track the hours they spend to fulfill their pledge.


Monetary pledges match the amount of hateful hours that the unwanted visitors are on campus. The donations diectly benefit groups targeted by the unwanted visitors: LGTBQ+ Center, the Multicultural Center, the Women's Center and/or the Frederick Douglass Institute.

3. FLUSH OUT HATE WITH Kindness Tables

A fair distance away from where the uninvited visitors choose to stand, we will set up a PLEDGE TO STOP HATE table. The table will contain the following items: