The Problem

For several years, uninvited visitors have invaded the Kutztown University campus community, often spouting hateful rhetoric and trying to incite violent responses which they film and use to rev up their base and raise money for their hateful causes. Because Kutztown University supports freedom of speech, we cannot throw them off campus or hide them from view. But that doesn't mean we can't come together and strongly support the people the uninvited visitors are attacking.


The best response to these unwanted visitors is to not respond. When these visitors are on campus, we will set up our own Kindness Tables that inform community members of the hateful visitors and how they benefit off of student engagement. Furthermore, when community members take the Pledge to Stop Hate, pledgers match the hours that the unwanted visitors are on campus with acts of kindness, community service, and/or donations.


Thank You to Our Organizers!

Daniel Stafford

CJ Rhoads

Vicki Meloney

Eric Johnson

Curtis Herr

Jennifer Schlegel

Theresa Shaton

Susan Czerny

Colleen Clemens

Dale Parson

Donna DeMarco

Tabetha Bernstein

Brooks Emerick

Glenn Richardson

Karen Wanamaker

Mahfuzul Khondaker

Donavan McCargo

Aimee Adams

Jerry Schearer

Jennifer Hanson

Arian Hungaski