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CIRWEP will be designed to provide the necessary services and tools for health providers to connect with people and groups who need their help. CIRWEP will enable health professionals and clinicians to:
  1. Provide information on their skills, experiences, and spread their success stories so that potential clients and patients can find them.
  2. Share research and clinical evidence for effective prevention strategies and treatments.
  3. Educate people and groups on important health issues through books, videos, websites, webcasts, workshops and conferences.
  4. Work seamlessly with other integrative health providers to form multidisciplinary teams for the benefit of the patients.
  5. Ease scheduling woes, enabling integrative health providers to support and help people no matter where they are geographically.

Health providers, especially integrative health providers, will benefit from using CIRWEP. They are the target users for whom the system was designed. We believe that each person should have a healthcare team; which is everyone who provides them with the tools for health. That is not just doctors and nurses, but includes exercise instructors like zumba, martial arts, and aerobics instructors. Health providers are also mind-body practitioners who do pilates, tai chi, and yoga. The list includes psychologists and social workers. behavioral therapists. physical therapists. massage therapists. nutritionists. coaches. support group leaders. Health providers also include local gyms and recreation areas that can provide a place to exercise. Health providers include air purifers manufacturers, as well as gardening and landscaping stores who can provide plants that clean our air. It includes local farmers who can provide organic foods, and manufacturers who can decrease the use of unnecessary chemicals and additives in our food. CIRWEP will be designed to enable a wide range of disciplines to form teams to work more effectively together.

HPL Consortium has a strategic partnership with a non-profit organization, HPL 501c3 Institute. One of the major goals of HPL Institute is to ensure that underserved populations get the help and support they need to obtain health, prosperity, and leadership. As part of that mission, HPL 501c3 Institute is involved in organizing and distributing the most recent medical breakthroughs and research, especially regarding integrative health practices. HPL Consortium is, in part, developing CIRWEP to enable HPL 501c3 Institute members to complete their mission.

If you've read any of the history of HPL Consortium, you know that this organization's focus came from the health issues experienced by our founder, CJ Rhoads. But Rhoads was not the only one in her family who experienced delay in finding the experts who could properly treat chronic health issues. Her sister had been chronically ill for 15 years, nearly dying several times. Despite traveling far and wide in order to be diagnosed and treated by all the so-called "specialists" in the top medical hospitals in the country, her sister was still very sick and no one could tell her what was wrong. Many seemed convinced she was crazy and/or faking it, that her symptoms made no sense so they couldn't be "real". Finally, after 15 years of no answers, by happenstance, her sister came into contact with one of the few people in the world who could diagnose her very rare blood disease (Acute Intermittant Porphyria, or AIP). If she had been diagnosed initially, when she first got sick instead of 15 years later, she would have avoided several inappropriate surgeries and unhelpful medications with serious side effects. If she had been diagnosed properly, then she might have had a chance at living a nearly-normal life. Unfortunately, by the time she was diagnosed, existing damage could not be reversed. Rhoads wants to prevent the same thing from happening to other people.

CIRWEP will help people find the health care providers who can diagnose those difficult-to-solve health issues and implement true life-changing solutions to chronic health problems instead of stop-gap measures that only deal with symptoms and not underlying causes. Sometimes there are only a few health providers in the world who have dealt with the types of health issues people face, and currently trying to find those who have that expertise is fraught with obstacles.

Furthermore, people have not been properly taught how to improve their own health. Modern society seems to encourage unhealthy behaviors that make us sick and keep us sick. Most chronic diseases can be prevented, but our environment is not optimized for prevention, and our medical community doesn't put enough emphasis on lifestyle. Our system is geared to treat chronic health problems with drugs and surgery rather than physical therapy, exercise, mind-body practices, and nutrition; despite the fact that lifestyle has much more impact and is much more effective at solving chronic long-term health problems. Through CIRWEP, clients and patients of health providers will be able to:

  1. Search a database of world-wide experts in thousands of rare diseases and chronic health problems.
  2. Connect with the supportive health providers necessary to improve their own health.
  3. Learn about the research that provides strong evidence for integrative health practices.
  4. Obtain information on proven versus unproven therapies in order to help people separate the good investments of time and money from the poor investments.
  5. Continue to work within the current broken system of medical care, but striving toward a way to improve it so that instead of focusing solely on treating acute injuries and diseases, they get the needed support to prevent disease and injury and live healthier happier lives.

If you would like to see a holistic, integrated health care system implemented instead of a sick care system, get on our list so that you can stay in the loop. and benefit from these tools when we are able to make them available.