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The history of HPL Consortium, Inc. started with ETM Associates, Inc., which was the former name of the organization. (You can see the original ETM Associates website here.)    

ETM Associates was founded by serial entrepreneur CJ Rhoads in July of 2001 as an international boutique consulting firm specializing in Enterprise, Technology, and Management issues. Rhoads had started it after she moved back to her birthplace, Berks County, Pennyslvania.

It was a good time for starting another company. Rhoads had learned a lot as a vice president in Fortune 500 firms in the banking industry in the nineties. Her executive stint had added large-corporate experience to her entrepreneurial know-how which came from successfully starting, developing, and selling her first company (Computer Educational Services) in the previous decade, and being involved in two other startups (Millstar and during the dot com boom. By 2002 ETM Associates was flourishing, with a full slate of Fortune 500 clients and a lucrative backlog,

Unfortunately, in November of 2002 Rhoads was injured in a devastating automobile accident that left her with severe chronic pain and memory problems from a mild traumatic brain injury. By 2012, ten years after the accident, her health and ETM Associates' bottom line had recovered from the blow, but Rhoads' focus was different. Instead of business strategy and technology consulting, she wanted to direct her efforts toward developing specific, easy-to-use technology tools and services for people and groups working toward health (H), prosperity (P), and leadership (L). HPL Consortium, Inc. was born.

So the real history of HPL Consortium, Inc. began in 2012. Working slowly, with a small group of people with similar interests, Rhoads gathered all that she had learned over two decades about technology, business strategy, contact management, event management, networking, financial operations, process re-engineering, human interface design, and web architecture. Rhoads took that knowledge and began to map out a complete, end-to-end infrastructure. The services that HPL Consortium, Inc. offers are all components of that end-to-end system (which has not yet been integrated into the visionary whole that will be in the coming years). Over the course of the next few years, different aspects of the vision will be made available to those who need it, at a reasonable price. To see what is available so far, check out CIRWEP.