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We help people achieve Health, attain Prosperity, and develop Leadership.

The mission of the Health, Prosperity, and Leadership Institute is to provide opportunities for people and groups to connect, all over the world, in order to improve their own opportunities for health, prosperity, and leadership. We help groups provide workshops, classes, conferences, websites, video, and publications. The method by which we create those opportunities includes sharing the benefits of mentorship, leadership, and integrative health practices that augment emotional maturity, deepen personal relationships, reduce stress, increase peaceful resolution of conflicts, boost longevity, improve prosperity, and enhance wellbeing. We also invite people and groups with an aligned mission toward health, prosperity, and leadership to join under our umbrella and becoming a member of our 501c3 organization.


HPL 501c3 (also DBA Health, Prosperity, and Leadership Institute) Federal EIN number is 52-2328342.  We are incorporated in Delaware as a non-profit organization, and registered under the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations under registration number 41852. 

We also do business under the names of several of our programs, including (but not limited to):

  • Taijiquan Enthusiasts Organization
  • Pacem In Vita
  • Organization for Pain Free Living
  • Complete Mind Body Spirit Tai Chi Association
  • Taiji & Qigong Enthusiasts Organization
  • Pagoda Writers
  • Simbi
  • STEAMWorks



Review more information about HPL Institute and its other programs here: