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HPL 501c3 Institute started out as a 501c3 non-profit organization, incorporated in Delaware in July of 2001, called Taijiquan Club, dedicated to spreading the benefits of Tai Chi to everyone. As the scope of the organization spread beyond a single focus to many integrative health and leadership practices, it changed its name first to Taijiquan Enthusiasts Organization and then to Pacem In Vita Institute.

Finally, in 2012, it became obvious that the organization's true mission was to connect underserved people and groups toward health, prosperity and leadership, so the board voted to change the organization's name to HPL 501c3 Institute. The original mission was housed in a associate subsidiary of the organization, the Taijiquan Enthusiasts Organization.

It was also at that time that HPL 501c3 Institute formed a strategic partnership with HPL Consortium, Inc., a for-profit technology organization dedicated to developing technology tools and services to help people and groups connect toward health, prosperity, and leadership. In order for HPL Institute to complete its mission, it would need advanced technology tools and services for both itself and its members, so HPL Consortium devoted its energy to developing those tools and services. They called it CIRWEP, and you can read about it on their website.