SIFE of Kutztown University (archival site from 2013)

SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise) changed its name to Enactus, and Kutztown University Students voted to retire the SIFE charter and start the Entrepreneurship Club instead as of 2013. This website is for archival purposes only. Go to the new website at


The KU SIFE club was part of the international network of SIFE clubs. SIFE was an international non-profit organization with active programs at almost 1600 universities in 39 countries. With the support of an international network of academic and business leaders, SIFE engages over 57,000 students working on more than 6500 community business projects, donating almost six million hours for the good of the communities.


Welcome Message

Welcome to the Kutztown University SIFE (Student In Free Enterprise) website! This website contains information about the KU SIFE club as well as the project that the KU SIFE club is leading.

KU SIFE is actively recruiting new student members with diverse talents to help us plan, organize, and host the Entrepreneurially Talented teen camp. Every Kutztown University student, undergraduate or graduate, is welcome to join us.

Please feel free to contact us to find out more.

Best regards,

Jaron Weeks, KU SIFE President,

Kerri Bender, KU SIFE Secretary,



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