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Credible Sources of Current Research

There are now many high caliber researchers who focus on high quality non-biased studies on Integrative Health. 

When ASKLEPIOS began, there weren't that many people who were studying Integrative Health in an academic, high-quality way. The history page talks about our beginnings and what the field looked like at the time. In the past few years, we have learned of other groups in addition to ASKLEPIOS who were focusing on high quality integrative medical research - and these groups had funding and expertise far beyond the volunteer and self-taught methods of the members of ASKLEPIOS.

With the growing recognition that opioid addiction among people in pain had become a crisis, more and more mainstream, highly-credible medical communities were finally turning to integrative healthcare practices to help them with the dilemma of how to treat people in pain and/or chronically ill (for which traditional drugs or surgery were problematic or inadequate). Vaulted and venerated organizations such as the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School published more and more research on the effectiveness of integrative health practices. The following organizations appear to be joining ASKLEPIOS in encouraging high quality research and policy changes that would enable doctors and patients to benefit from the sometimes ancient practices that have been proven valuable in the journey toward wellness:


We applaud all of these organizations, and join with them as time and money allows, in order to achieve the overall goal of enabling others to get healthy.