Leader of New Church of Hope

T. Max Devlin

Our Leader: T. Max Devlin

T. Max Devlin is the founder and top priest of the New Church of Hope.

You can read his blog here: Max's Blog

Here is a snippet of his biography to whet your appetite:


Consciousness and Causality
Ontologic History of Onclonomy

Chapter One

The first thought I still recall thinking was, immodestly, "Mine." I think that might be true of a huge number of people, that being a word that, once you 'get', changes your perception of the universe and your existence. I was looking down bent over in the backyard of the first house I remember, by the gate on the side of the garage. I was focused on a green army jeep toy, steel and heavy plastic, if not quite Tonka-quality, and one of my favorite possessions. I had three older sisters and a four year old intellect, and I realized with a start (which was coincident as far as I can tell with the beginning of my consciousness) that the previously understood rules about 'girl's toys' and 'boy's toys' (though few, they were my distinct perogative) had now changed. Recently (though how much so I can't at this point judge, but I'd guess a few months) my younger brother had been born, and though it had also previously been explained to me that he was a boy, as I was and my sisters were not, it hadn't occured to me until that moment I was looking down at that most favorite toy what that might mean for my place in the world. Suddenly I realized that my brother (whom I already loved, of course, but that didn't mean I wanted to give him all my stuff) might some day soon have claim on any or all of the boy's toys, and I knew I needed some way to label, to the universe at large, that no such contradictory propriety would EVER impinge on my unilateral and unquestionable control over what might happen to this green jeep. That toy was "mine", and suddenly I knew what that meant, and also too why all the other words meant what they did and how I could use them to describe things which were not my world or my arms or my head but... me.

That was only the first of a unending flood of words that subsequently engulfed me, and it is difficult to say that I'm not still just recovering from it. I enjoyed a reasonably tranquil life and then I went to school.