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To pay for registration for Chinese New Year, please go to the Taijiquan Enthusiasts website .


This is also where you can make donations to any of our programs or organizations. Write the program name into the Description area of the form after clicking the button below;

Organizations and Programs:

  • Taijiquan Enthusiasts Organization,
  • Complete Mind Body Spirit Tai Chi Association
  • Organization for Pain Free Living,
  • Pagoda Writers Group,
  • UUFP Blue Bird Trail,
  • Asklepios (health research),
  • UUFP Garden Club,
  • Talented Teens and Business Leaders,
  • Entrepreneurship Club of Kutztown University,
  • Entrepreneurs Traveling To Prosperity,
  • Youth Programs at Pottstown Dance Studio,
  • World Affairs Council of Reading,
  • Berks Intercultural Alliance,
  • Berks Business Education Coalition,
  • Pushing for Peace,
  • World Tai Chi Day

or any other group that is associated with or partnering with HPL 501c3 Institute.

If you need something immediately, contact the office at 484-332-3331.


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