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CIRWEP is the name we finally gave to what, for years, we had been calling the infrastructure. Basically CIRWEP is all of the information technology services, (including the people, processes, software, hardware, and networking) that will (eventually) enable people to connect, easily and anytime, toward health, prosperity, and leadership. CIRWEP is not yet fully developed; only selected individual components are available to be used right now. But the acronym refers to the whole thing, once it is put together, because the whole will be much greater than the sum of its parts. CIRWEP is an acronym for various subcomponents of the infrastructure. They are:

  • Contact Management
  • Invitation Management
  • Resource Management
  • Web Management
  • Event Management
  • Payment Management

Yes, there are hundreds of tools to do contact management. There are dozens that do invitation (i.e. campaign) management. There are many tools that enable managing all of the resources (facilities, board members, sponsors, facilitators, workshop leaders, instructors, teachers, experts, volunteers, inventory, props, etc.). There are also many web management tools, lots of event management tools, and a dizzying number of payment management tools. Combinatorially, there are millions of technology tools available to help people - many of them completely free. Google mail? Yahoo groups? Zen Cart? I could go on with thousands and thousands. [You can review a list of technology tools related to various aspects of CIRWEP here.]

We encourage people to use the currently obtainable technology tools that are free, despite their lack of integration, but watch for when a truly integrated system is available. Get on our mailing list so that you can stay in the loop and know when CIRWEP will be available for your use.