So... the price for "How to Build A Flourishing Integrative Healthcare Practice during a Pandemic" is (drumroll)... $800. I hear you saying it... $800? For a weekend? That is so much!!!

When you consider the thousands of dollars that you will be increasing your income, it is but a pittance. However, like me back when I couldn't afford Dave's fee, I know that many of you have had months of no income, and you are more than likely feeling the pinch. So I do understand - as worthy it as it may be, $800 is a lot to come up with, right here, right now.

So just like when David Bosler (now a good friend as well as one of my mentors) gave me a break and let me use a credit card, I'm going to give you a break. Actually, more than one.
First, you only have to pay half the fee if you are not able to benefit from the lesson. In other words, you pay $400 up front, and then only pay the second $400 if you make more than $800 in fees over the next six months. That's my guarantee that this weekend retreat will be useful and productive to you - because if it isn't, you don't have to pay the whole fee.

Second, you can pay in $70 monthly installments if you wish. The same guarantee applies. If you don't make more than $800 in your integrative healthcare practice over the next six months, you only have to pay the first half of the 12 installments.

The fee will provide you with 2 hours of workshops on Friday, 7 hours of workshops on Saturday, and 3 hours of workshops on Sunday as well as a room in a beautiful house on the bay side in Harvey Cedars. The lessons you will learn will remain with you for the rest of your life. If you learn the lessons well, the financial benefits will come back to you multifold in the coming years.

And to top it all off, because your fee is going to a 501c3 charity (Health, Prosperity, and Leadership Institute), it is tax deductible. So you get a receipt for your taxes for the charitable deduction to boot.

So, are you ready to commit?
Are you ready to learn all the secrets of people like me who have successfully gone from the bottom of the barrel, the low of the low points - but who (once they learned the secrets) improved year after year until they are measureably prosperous and do not want for anything?
Are you absolutely, positively sure? Because it would be better for you to pass on this opportunity if you are not willing to invest the time and energy necessary for you to learn the lessons and benefit financially.