Nursing homes, assisted living centers, senior centers, community organizations, colleges, and other organizations that put on private classes, courses, groups, events, etc.  often have a problem finding people with specialized talents to lead classes such as yoga, tai chi, aerobics.  They are also always in need of integrative health practitioners such as massage therapists, reiki therapists, as well as hobby-type classes such as cooking, painting, sculpture, etc. Even once they find these people, there is difficulty involved in paying them.  For example,  the employer often needs an invoice from the individual, but typically individuals sharing their talents aren't set up to invoice companies.  Employers need to issue federal forms such as 1099, keep track of payments, track usage, and require insurance - all of which make what would be a simple transaction (finding someone to lead the morning exercise) into a complex process.

Our services, both live and online, will help anyone looking for a person in some talent to provide a workshop, session, class, group, etc.  This would be a paid service; HPL would make the difference between what is paid by the organization trying to find the leader (typically $75 for a 45 minute session) and what we would be paying the leader (typically $50 for a 45 minute session).  The $25 would go toward not only the infrastructure that allows them to seek, hire, and arrange for the classes, but also for the live sales people (typically college interns) who mail, call, and follow-up with potential customers (community and health organizations) to provide the service.  However, the Infusionsoft ecommerce would take care of the billing and receiving end of the transaction.  This request for proposal only deals with the aspect from the Leaders who wish to make known their availability and the Organizations who wish to find people of various skills. 

The initial screen will be very similar to the ClassesAndGroups website, as seen in Figure 10. The same drill down for postal code and login option.

Figure 10.  Seek A Leader Home Page

Figure 11. Seek A Leader - Postal Code Specific & Example Topic

The category and topic can just be typed in (Figure 11), but if the person wants to see the full category list, or the full topic list, they can click on the button and get a picklist table that seems to appear in the blank area on the same screen.  Whatever line they are on in the table should transfer to the field on the form when the picklist disappears (because they've pressed [Enter]).  The picklist table should have scroll bars and be swipable.  Topics are a subheading of Category, and they must both be filled in.  To provide some example categories, they might be Mind-Body, Exercise, Hobby, Sports, Support-Groups, Cooking, Crafts.  Topics would be more specific such as; Tai chi, Yoga, Zumba, Strength training, Aerobics, Running, Biking, Model Trains, Quilting, Motorcycles, Flight Simulators, Boomerangs, Baseball, Softball, Bowling, Pain Management Support, Grief Support, AAA, Weight Watchters, Traumatic Brain Injury, MultipleSclerosis, French cooking, Baking Pizzas, Needlepoint, Painting, Calligraphy. 

Once the Category and Topic are chosen, when the person presses [Enter] the list of people within their geographic area will appear as in Figure 12.  At that point the user gets choices to print the list, save the list in csv format, or send the list through email. They can also view the availability of the people in the list in a calendar format (Figure 13), or simply send an email to each person on the list inquiring if they would be willing to do the sessions, workshops, or events the person is looking for.


Figure 12. Seek A Leader List of Leaders

Figure 13. Seek A Leader Calendar View

If the person clicks (or touches on a touch screen) any of the lines in the table or on the calendar, they would be taken directly to the Leader Information pages, as shown in Figure 14. Leader  Bio, Figure 15. Leader Topic Descriptions, and Figure 16. Leader Availability.

These screens would be the same screens shown to the Leader to fill out when they choose to become a leader.  The only difference is there would be a submit button on the data entry screens, and there wouldn't be a search section for the cateogory and topic at the top left.  If the bio, the topic descriptions, or the availability are too long for a single screen, scroll bars will appear, and the info would be swipable on a touchscreen.

Figure 14. Leader  Bio

Figure 15. Leader Topic Descriptions

Additionally, on the topic description page, the category and standard topic would need to be chosen for each of the topic descriptions.  Leaders can choose from the picklist, but may also add a new one.  When someone chooses to add a new one, an email must be sent to the manager at HPL Consortium, Inc. with the new term so that if it is not appropriate, we can get back to the person and suggest a more appropriate term.  For the organization searching for a leader, when the topic descriptions appear, the ones that match the searched for topic should be at the top, but any other topic descriptions they do (even if they don't match the search) should also appear under the matched topics. 

The next tab of the form would show the availability of the person.  Typically we would put a one year limit on the availability so that leaders will have to go in at least once a year to update when they would be available (or they would no longer be available).  That is to ensure that Organizers don't have to slough through a whole bunch of old records for leaders who are no longer active.  (When the end date they entered is getting close, of course they will get an email to remind them to update the information.) 

This information is translated into a shorter format for the calendar view - using a code (M for Monday, T for Tuesday, H for Thursday, S for Saturday, U for Sunday, etc) and by dropping the am/pm.  On the calendar, the availabilities will appear in time order starting with the first time slot in general morning afternoon or evening locations, so that confusion won't arise.  In other words, the few times that might be confusion (7 - 9, for example), on the calendar it will appear at the top of the date box if in the morning, and at the bottom of the date box if in the evening. 

While eventually it will be nice to integrate with a calendar for this information, the extra space that would be needed to put in the full date and time (such as 9:00 am to 12:00 pm ) might make the table too long to view in one screen. 

Figure 16. Leader Availability

Eventually it might be nice to integrate the price ranges to the item list in the store, at this point the information in the item list is not addressable in this way.  So this is just text that the person enters; they could also say that they will volunteer to do it for nothing, or charge $4000 an hour.  Additionally, eventually it might be nice when someone reserves a block that it will automatically change the time slots in the availability page, but I don't think that is feasible yet.  However, if an organization reserves a timeslot that is within another timeslot, we should have a field that says (tentative reservation) to let an organizer know if another organizer has reserved a timeslot that is appearing on the list.  After the organizer has contacted the leader, and made arrangements for the session, then the leader is reminded through an email to adjust their availability time so that time that is already taken is not shown as available. 

When the Organizer chooses to send an inquiry email, they should not be able to see the email address of the recipient.  Additionally, the sending of the email must be logged so that we can track (by checking 1099 submissions at the IRS) if and organizer made arrangements with the leader without going through HPL Consortium's systems.  When the people sign up to be either an organizer or a leader, they must sign an agreement noting that they will not work together or hire each other without going through the system (even if they are volunteering).  (That is part of the first time user registration, which is not included in this RFP, and will be integrated with InfusionSoft/CustomerHub).  For this phase, we just need to log and track the emails.

Similarly, reserving a timeslot just involves having the Organizer choose which timeslot they'd like to reserve, for which topic, and then sends an email with the information to the leader.  Additionally, we track both the reservation and the response.  If the leader does not respond within 2 days, the HPL Consortium manager gets notified so that they can follow up with a phone call.  (If possible, we will automate this part of the process using an InfusionSoft campaign.)  Similarly, if there is an inquiry and response, but there is no actual transaction for the sessions or events in the system within a few months, a followup process will launch.